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REACTION'S Swag Rating of 2016
(12-28-2016, 09:21 PM)run SPOT run Wrote: holy crap.....
You kids settle down....
Don't you make me pull this car over! (reaches back and randomly swings arm)

as far as swag goes, I have none. don't want none. won't get none.
(I thought swag was crap no one wanted that you get as a door prize for going to a corporate sponsored party)

got some TRIGGERED mofo's on this [email protected]Relax hey....go make me a sandwich


THIS IS MISOGYNY   Exclamation


Jokes aside I love ya spot Heart
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(12-28-2016, 09:10 PM)Supergirl Wrote: You are absolute correct, thank you for understanding this "situation"  Exclamation 

FUN is FUN and I am really fine with it, I also LOVE to make FUN  Exclamation 

BUT also at FUN there are borders, and in my opinion this kind of FUN is as you said absolutly correct way to much DISRESPECTFUL (not only against me personal) against ALL women  Exclamation 

NO PLACE in a nice FORUM here for such things, I still hope @Sora will see it the same way, DOESNT MATTER who is which gender ... I can also do very bad hard-core men-"jokes", BUT I will NEVER do ...

- its not my style
- its not my character
- its sure against the forum rules

Seems the moderators here should think more of their OWN written forum rules ...

a tip:

if you break rules in real life at ...

- school
- family
- work
- community
- friends
- etc.

... you will get troubles for SURE  Exclamation 

ONLY because we are here in the internet (btw its also a part of real life), and SOME mean they are allowed to do everything here, means NOT, that the moderators should look away, if something happen against their OWN RULES here  Exclamation 

Thanks again for your understanding  Exclamation 


I'm sitting in front of my pc, read your post while eating some waffles made by my grandma and I told myself "Ey Dennis, I think she means you with "OWN RULES" since you wrote them."

Yes that's correct, and since you said that no moderator is doing anything, I suggest you to take your place as a moderator in this situation :
Imagine you being a moderator. What would you do in such a situation, if you come on the forums, you see drama going on and you have no clue what happened, so you're forced to read every single post.

I just came out of hospital, I'm not able to walk properly yet, I'm still tired and I'd just love to sleep all day long. But no, I've got some things for school to do such as learning for exams and tests or tons of homework. While doing that I'm always checking AGF, Gota forums and Discord to possibly chat with some good friends and have some fun together.

As you and others can see, I simply got not enough time to 1. read all these posts related to the topic, 2. understand the situation and last but not least 3. talk with every affected person & find a solution together for the problem.
And I guess this fits for most of the moderators aswell.

(I may excuse myself if I sounded a bit rude in some parts of my posts.)
[Image: Mikasa_Sig2.png]
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I just remembered something....

Isn't swag a 2012 meme?

LMAO Heart
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(12-28-2016, 09:35 PM)✨101✨ Wrote: I just remembered something....

Isn't swag a 2012 meme?

LMAO Heart

don't let your memes be dreams

say i if you want 101 to be a meme
~Faded (The person living in your basement.)

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Taking action often puts you in the middle of a crossfire (not the AMD one).
When going with likes, we seem to have 2 sides: The ones on Supergirls side (= take action against harrasment if interpreted as such) and the one on kinda relaxsess side (= its just a joke calm the f*ck down). Now I have to decide who to favor.

Here some facts that I can use to decide:

1. Relax states his laughter on a joke.
2. Supergirl feels attacked and "consults" the forums rules
3. Supergirl feels attackes because Relax laughed about a joke / insult HazR made
4. So we can get wrap this back up to HazR = Supergirl feels attacked by HazR
5. I have a very personal gag reflex on HazR, so I might not be the best person to decide
1. In my oppinion the joke is not funny at all, come on now @Relax
2. Can very well be picked up as harassment

Narrow it down:
1. Joke from HazR
2. Supergirl feels attacked
3. Relax says he laughed so hard
4.  Supergirl feels attacked from yet another side
5. @run SPOT run wants a sandwich

When regarding rules, Supergirl is in the right here.
Relax says that this shouldn't be taken, so far, and so personal (i agree)
And in the end, it was HazR making the joke.

= HazR is to blame

I think Relax and Supergirl are fighting unnecessarily. Yes, sometimes it's better to not get triggered by everything. The problem is HazR, like he always is.

So, what now?
Warn HazR?
Ban HazR?

I don't know. And I don't think I should be able to decide... you know, that gag reflex.

@Supergirl , we don't want to see you go. I can imagine how you feel, and I think you can imagine what will happen if we would punish every harassment. The forum would split up. So, please try to laugh with us, and don't let them laugh at you. Relax didn't want to insult you, I am sure. HazR wanted to. But, do you listen to that asshole in school? Well, you shouldn't. There's no point in doing so.

Lastly: I don't think we should delete these posts and make a new thread. This is a discussion, and nobody should be ashamed of it or try to hide it. We all can improve anything at any time. Mostly by realising errors.

@Relax i'd like on too btw but lactose free
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@run SPOT run I think I'll take a sandwich too...
Have A Nice Day! d(・ω・)b

Don't argue guys please
~Gravity X
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[Image: sandwich.jpg]
[Image: makemeasandwich.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]
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Right now my soul too is craving a sandwich. *Uh waiter! Waiter! Yes hi, can you please tell the cheif @Relax that I would like a ham sandwich to go?. Thanks.* Ah, aw man I forgot to order a Coke... *Waiter!*

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[Image: giphy.gif]
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