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James Is Good Skin
Can U Put My Skin Ingame Pls It Will Be a Pleasure to see my skin in game and peopls are using it,the tag is [J]james < sampls
Thx Heart Heart Heart Heart
Hey Guys my name is James Patrick i have a channel named Patrick m8 heres the link.
[Image: latest?cb=20160227215716]

Inorder to have your skin added to the game you have to have a good amount of positive reputation. Also, you need to provide the skin here as well. It needs to be 512x512 to fit the bubble, when you've done that you'll need to PM @Sora the skin and he will decide if it shall be added into the game.

Good luck!
[Image: Apix2.png]
Lol you are

Wassa dud
Hi James!

Include a link to your skin, and it will be pending for approval. You need some more posts/reputation and activity to be able to receive a skin ingame.
Have any questions? Send me a message here:

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