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AC is recruiting again !
We are the AC Clan.
But what is AC
AC stands for Angel Call.
We are an Agario clan but sometimes we play other Agario-based games like too.

But at the moment the clan isn't that active, so we are looking for new members.
Of course we got skillfull players who play active too.
Interested ?

What we have:
-skillfull players
-our own discord server
-a good clan atmosphere
-a lot of fun 

What we want:
-a player who can:
-a player who have fun at the game
-activity (of course reallife is more important)
-a age of 13 (exeptions can be made)
-somebody who can lose (We unterstand rage but if you quit after dying 1 time you are wrong here)
-a microphone and some english knowledge would be good Big Grin

How to join ?
Just click on
link and you will get to our discord server.
There you can ask for a recruitment and we'll see if you fit into the clan c:

We would be happy if you visit us

~Gabri (Ω๓єɢα礪)
Good luck finding members!
*push* c:

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