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I have TECH issue - and I am new so I hope I'm in the right place
Hi everyone - I'm brand new to this board.
I loveeee
And I mean like I got it BAD for this game ... I can play for 4 hours and not even blink!

Okay I do blink but barely.

Here is my question -
(I have probably rambled on with too much information
but I figured better too much than not enough)
I'm not very tech savvy
so bear with me
and remember that when and if you respond. 

1st of all here is my system info
(or what I would think you need...remember NOT tech savvy)

I have an HP Pavillion Notebook / Laptop.
Its less than a year old.
Windows 10
Processor AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon R3 Graphics, 1800 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Memory 8.00 GB (6.94 usable)
64 bit operating system , x64 operating system

if you need anything else - let me know keeping in mind
NOT tech savvy Confused

Sometimes I will be playing Agario
and out of nowhere my screen
kind of blinks for a split second ..
the screen never totally leaves (doesn't go black nor blue)
and then I can see the screen again.
The other players have frozen and nothing works.

Mouse doesn't move around...
nothing ..

I have hit every button on the keyboard and tried combinations
(cntrl alt delete, etc)
I have hit enter alone
I have hit escape...
Nothing happens.

I have to x out of the game and sign back in.
Now I don't have to do the whole sign back in ordeal - I just have to hit play.

Sometimes I even have to reload the page
or X out and come back.
Not every time but sometimes.

This can happen 10 plus times in a one hour session of playing.

Any idea what this is?
I even have this problem on other private servers which i love to make SEO for and advertise for paid money cause i love spammin forums <3...
(if your not familiar
 this server is EXACTLY like agario but SLOWER...way slower.
In fact I'll have to do a post about my private server ...
I'm not sure if I like it or not -
If your interested in what I have to say about it...
just look for my other post.
I don't know how to post a link to the post ...yet.

So if someone could help me with this problem I sure would appreciate it. 

Vicki AKA Mafia Princess Heart
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It's probably your R3 that is too slow? Another reason could be heat problems. Make sure you are playing on a proper table and not on anything that is fuzzy and stuff (like your bed for example).

Else, what browser are you using? Chrome at it's newest version would be best.

If it is the R3 being too slow, then you can't really do anything about it... Thats a big contra of a Laptop Tongue

Also, it seems like the APU you specified is only a Quad Core, and those are not known to be thaaat fast either Big Grin

Also, welcome to the forums! It is very rare we that new members already post such good threads Big Grin You're on the right track!
And to answer your last question: Just paste it, the forum will turn it into a link Smile
[Image: Voakie.png]
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Well Voakie thank you SO much!
What a nice welcome. I was actually thinking
my post was too long and silly.
Sometimes my personality doesn't translate well on
to the world wide web! LOL
I stopped doing message boards years ago
because people were just so mean.
I'm glad I stopped by here.

I love me some agario and lets face it
you can't chat about agario around the office water cooler...
So it will be nice to have you guys.

Okay so it looks like the blinking and loss of the game remains a mystery.
My R3 is running okay (Or so says my son the tech of the family)
and the laptop doesn't seem to be heating up.

Maybe someone else will see this post and say they have had the same problem.
If I knew it was happening to other players it would make sense.

When I bought this laptop I thought a quad core would be fast ...
again, I am SO tech challenged! lol ...
so thanks again Voakie (almost sounds like Vicki) Wink
I'll be back soon.
(as you can tell, I'm seldom at a loss for words...
I'm a talker so better buy more bandwidth) Smile
Can you imagine me on twitter with limited characters?
I don't go over to well on there Smile
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