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I am the Leader of Clan ❶LEGEND ( Website). We are 60 members, all pro and active. We use specials mods, tools and settings. We use discord and Skype.We're looking for people who are interested in either joining our clan, or allies, neutrals and even enemies to set up battles. We play FFA/party/experimental on europe, russia and turkey.There are absolutely no requirements for joining our chat. Although upcoming members will be tested for their skills and their abilities to use our mods and tools. You can find me on Skype as jimboy3100 , or you can join discord with this key .
yeah nice good job
All I would say is good luck for the future and I quiet surprised that after having 60 members u still recruiting....
Hello AGF Members

This is @Robin and if you need any kind of help with joining clan and many more then you can PM me anytime you want.

Stay Peace and Calm.

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and Voakie Wink

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