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Pointless Clicker
(03-06-2016, 05:04 PM)Doigt Wrote: It's a scripting language. It's very similar to a programming language, but I prefer to be precise in my usage of technical terms. By example I wouldn't say that a markup language is a programming language even though it is, broadly speaking, a sub type of programming language.

By saying that JS isn't a programming language, I imply all the specifics of a scripting language in comparison to the traditional use of the term. In other words, I distinguish the difference between the perl, python, and javascript languages from the c++, java and assembly languages

The name suggests it's just a scripting language, though the name also suggests it's a descendant of java, which is totally wrong. 

"But it is really a matter of specialization. Compared to C, JavaScript trades performance for expressive power and dynamism."
I have completely revised how I'll be working on this project today and I've made some slow progress, so I decided to upload the previous version anyway to have some final input from the alpha testers before moving on to v. 12, however, I ran into technical problems while uploading and the access to my hosting place was denied... probably due to the month long (and possibly longer) break I took between now and then...

I'll also have different versions for you folks. One stable version meant for public play and another with newer features in the work, that way, I'll be able to work on things without being too stressed about things being broken all the time
When can i have it????????????????
(02-21-2016, 09:24 AM)Voakie Wrote: "0 Grandpas sacrificed"
U dont want to get in trouble, do you :creepy_face:

We need someone to parody-interview him, and ask about his grandfathers, and what they did to him. :| (And then maybe we can sell the movie rights for a thousand... clicks?!)

It sounds like a funny game. A cross between those old RPG games where you're a dude lost in a maze of twisty little passages, all exactly alike, stuck with an apple, a polished stone, and a sack, among various other apparently useless possessions, and a flat-out-click game like 'Space Invaders'.

Anything to make us forget our apparently useless lives, right?

WHAT?! You claim your life is not useless?! Well, QUICK then, let's crowdfund your life story! We only need 2 million non-broke suckers to cough up a few sheckels. (What? That's a fake game-currency too?! Dang.)

~simulated LSD-based conversation ends; queue nut analogy~
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This reminds me of the story plot of the game I'm working on.

That's essentially what kind of protagonist he is, someone lost in a maze of confusing thoughts, ready to go very far to prove something; to make a point about the pointlessness of his situation. Poor soul.

(04-17-2016, 02:52 AM)Slothy Wrote: When can i have it????????????????

can i be a tester?PLEASE
(04-17-2016, 11:45 AM)Slothy Wrote: can i be a tester?PLEASE

I already tested it, it runs fine  Big Grin
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I had to face a lot of hardships, mainly dns side, but I finally managed to update the game, to the joy of the alpha testers.
The domain name provider kept reseting my account and I couldn't, for 2 days, do anything about it and no one could access the game except me and a lucky few. It was very frustrating, but now that it's over, I'm just glad that I can focus on the game again.
When will you give us the link?
Tired of living.
If the game is pointless, doesn't it mean this thread is pointless? Cry Kappa
~Konoha/ Blud
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!And the monster lived happily after that!

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