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How long does it take a crawler to find my website?
Let's find out...

I made the crawler myself in Node.js, if you wanna have it to play around then ask nicely and maybe I'll upload it Big Grin

(This is not a DDoSing tool btw, it just goes on the start site you specify, and clikcs every link until it reacher the end site your specified)
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Is that a long time or a short time ?

You know, time is relative depending of the view  Exclamation

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Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else Exclamation
id say long, it takes a normal user 2 xD
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Yoo, that's crazy. I made something like that quite a while ago, I think I still got it saved somewhere on my PC. Once I find it, I'll share it here.
Have A Nice Day! d(・ω・)b


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