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My gold is ending 2x faster then normal
(11-19-2020, 02:36 PM)iDemon Wrote: the title says it... 153 days yesturday and at the night time it was 151 sora help

Now that's something that I have never heard tell of before!

Keep checking at the same time today and tomorrow to see if that's actually true, or it was something else?

Also, if you verify that there is a problem with your Gold Membership, then you'll likely need to write Sora a private message here, and let him know that way.

Hopefully it was a matter of the times that you looked at it, and when Agma removes a day from everyone's Gold Membership that just made it look like your days were 'wasting away'!

Keep us posted here?? I'd like to hear what becomes of this! Smile
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