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About myself and agmaio
(10-25-2020, 09:34 AM)JaydanMichael Wrote: Im CursedYT im been playing since 4 years or 3 Blush
Im a YTer and i make yt video 
this is my yt channel CursedYT Agmaio Heart

Hi welcome to the formus! Nice to meet you i am youtuber too.. I checked ur channel it looks great    Heart  I hope you have fun here you can also advertise ur channel here I think but I am not really sure you can ask squirrel!!! Or Heather 
If you any other question let me know!!
Hello there! I am Hitu. Nice to meet you! If you any questions about me or private message me!  Btw I am youtuber make sure to subscribe to my channel- Hitu agma

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