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(10-18-2020, 05:06 AM)YeetSabre Wrote: I'm new to this forum. Anybody explain what it is? And I'm an player. And how to add signature?

Hi YeetSabre, and welcome to the Forums!

The owner, Sora, embarked on a mission to bring together Agar players of all sorts back in 2015, which is when these Forums came into being, giving us all a place to meet, talk about the game, and so on.

Since then, it's changed some, as Sora developed his own ball game,, and you'll see that discussed quite a lot here now. We still do have some stock agar players too, though. I myself enjoyed the Teams part of agar, until the cross-team teamers spoiled that.

But right about then, I started playing Agma instead, lol, and that was that for Agar.

Here's hoping that you find a few new friends here, and have yourself a blast!  Hitu told you where to find your Signature. That same section 'Edit Profile' will let you tell us a few more things about you, so explore it!  And if you need any help, all you need to do is ask!

Take care, and have fun out there!
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