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Madzia - introduction
(08-21-2020, 07:48 AM)magdorlolmagdor Wrote: ~snips the awesome history lesson, but leaves the teaseable stuff~

So, lets say a bit about me. I'm Madzia. Maybe somebody knows me by username magdorlolmagdor. I'm 16 y.o., living in Poland. I do love help anyone, anytime as much as I can. I could spend whole days at doing that. I like sports irl and reaching my own goals by doing that. I'm doing some artworks as well. However, I love the most volunteering. It's something what makes me wanna do more and more and moreee. Hope everyone could just try it out and see how simple it is to make somebody else smile a bit, feel loved and needed without judging.

At I don't have usual goals. My only goal is to keep whole community of without dramas, problems or conflicts. I do always try to look at any situations in all of the possible ways, to find the right solution and make a good compromise for both of the sides. I don't want anyone to suffer, cuz of some reason. So if you need help or just a little talk, feel free to text me.

Guess I said enough or maybe too less or much, who knows. Have a nice day yall.

An excellent introduction! If I didn't know you already, I would feel like I knew you much much better right now!

In talking to you, I never think of how old you are, because you seem quite a bit older -- a testament to you're being someone worth knowing.

But do you mean that you always use sports to reach your goals? Does that mean that first you think of a goal, and then you invent a new game that allows you to make it there?! Hehe, it sounds like it might be a good thing that I am more than an ocean away from Poland! Wink

I also found it funny that your goal is a dramaless game, and I suppose maybe you tell someone to stop making drama, or you will eat them repeatedly until they stop?? ~giggles~ Or did I inaccurately guess the nature of the game you're playing to make them comply?

I'm very happy that you've made an account, and hope we'll hear lots of your opinions, and anything that you're willing to share! Perhaps you'll even make a few more friends here, out of the people you've never met because they didn't play on a server at the same time as you were! The way I read the community, everyone is your friend! Except the handful of guys who are jealous that you are not their gf! lol!
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