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Madzia - introduction
Hello, everyone! It's nice to meet ya. I'm playing for around 4 years already. It was a great time watching growing up step by step. I really enjoyed it. I started playing at crazy eu (before it was crazy 1) server, then moved at crazy 2, which doesnt exist at this moment. After some time I decided to check another servers, so I just changed my main server into supersonic eu. Unfortunately there was the update, with those iconic supersonic bots, what forced me to move to supersonic na. Supersonic na was way more calm than eu one. I've spend there lots of time. Met many worthful people. Got so much fun and met somebody who has changed my life (for better ofc, dw) : D. Right now, I'm spending time mostly at instant eu and xy. Here, at forums, I'm pretty new, just because I wasn't interested in that before.

So, lets say a bit about me. I'm Madzia. Maybe somebody knows me by username magdorlolmagdor. I'm 16 y.o., living in Poland. I do love help anyone, anytime as much as I can. I could spend whole days at doing that. I like sports irl and reaching my own goals by doing that. I'm doing some artworks as well. However, I love the most volunteering. It's something what makes me wanna do more and more and moreee. Hope everyone could just try it out and see how simple it is to make somebody else smile a bit, feel loved and needed without judging.

At I don't have usual goals. My only goal is to keep whole community of without dramas, problems or conflicts. I do always try to look at any situations in all of the possible ways, to find the right solution and make a good compromise for both of the sides. I don't want anyone to suffer, cuz of some reason. So if you need help or just a little talk, feel free to text me.

Guess I said enough or maybe too less or much, who knows. Have a nice day yall.

Hello there, I'm Madzia! If you have any questions or dilemma, go ahead and text me! I'll do my best to help ya. 

Peace, ~Madzia~  Angel !

discord contact: madzia#8979
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