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Hi everyone . 
i have did more than 50 vid's for game and i got so many likes from agma players-supports  etc .. it's been almost 2 years in youtube and i didn't break any score  of views like my third video still has score 3.200 views 
idk why   i'am unlucky in some things but i don't give up 
i didn't finish yet 2k Subscibre also 90% of my views are not subscibred idk why i would really like to have more but ... 
I'm really suprised from agma support - inculding @Sora @retslac 
i'm not gonna quit tbh i was in a middel of 2 options 
first option - to learn more in school and to be more acitve 
2 and that option it's to be more acitve in agma and learn more about agma lol
i know nobody has fault here only me because they didn't forced me to make agma vid's but literally i like agma community . 

anyone will agree to be like me comment below . lol i wanna know your opionin
when you don't like it you can't find a time for it which you will say - sorry to busy 
When you love it  you  will say - sorry if im waste your time . 
dear peopels don't let peopels go so far away from you  . 

in darknight's your real friends shine like a star for you .
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