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im new
(08-07-2020, 05:44 PM)Fett Wrote: Hello there,
ive been playing agma for 2 years now. im semi-pro player based on firebones types of players 
i play other games but mostly  everybody hates me for a powerspam in megasplit eu so im changing to selfeeds. 
is there any advise to become a good member of the community?  Smile


Hi Fett, and welcome aboard!

I know what it's like to just play a game, and have their style go... shall we say, 'less than appreciated'!

Unfortunately there are some servers, and I find, certain times of the day where a select group of players are to commonly be found in some of the servers, and while they all know each other, and a lengthy period of them playing together has had them 'come to certain understandings or arrangements' of how they all like to play....

And then you come along, and you just don't fit in with their group, and your play style goes against the grain of the way that they play, so you start taking some flak for the way that you choose to play the game.

What you're doing is not wrong! The game does not belong to them! If anyone, it belongs to Sora! And yes, sure, a lot of the players are not well-off, and can't afford to buy power-up packs. But what they should try to realize, is that players like you, is what keeps this game that we all enjoy free to play for most people! I don't know if mentioning this will help you. And it's a nice idea to try and 'fit in' with a group of players, and all peacefully exist in a server. But, let's face it -- this is an eating game, of both food and players! Maybe you can announce your presence, and then play awhile without using powerups, before you start handing their butts back to them through the use of those.

Good luck to you in figuring it out!

Oh, and by the way, here in the Forums, we are expected to all peacefully co-exist -- we can't eat each other here! Hehehe...

So hopefully a few people will get to know you, and maybe give you more suggestions.

Play, and have fun -- that's what the game was created for!

Great to have you join us, and I'm looking forward to your perhaps sharing your own opinions with us!
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