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My grand daughter's quinceanera.
(05-11-2020, 05:10 PM)Jupiter Wrote: Snowing in the greater Toronto area on May 9th? Maybe with less people driving,no classes and non essential fascillaties closed there is a lot less pollution and it is unseasonably cold, but probably not. Yesterday was my grand daughter's quinceanera ( 15th birthday). Although we had an excellent time, the party was a lot smaller than we had planned from a year ago. We only had immediate family (still was too much people) at the party and the rest( friends, my brother) came by in a caravan of cars only with posters and signs to wish my grand daughter a happy birthday. The small kids couldn't fathom why they weren't allowed inside the house. These are trying times indeed. How is everyone else's well being during this pandemic?

Well done!  Two of my 4 kids had birthdays in this past week, and all they got were ice-cream b-day cakes (one of which half-melted in their freezer, lol), and minimal presents.

I live a 30 min walk away from them, and yesterday my ex took them for a walk by my place. I ended up going back to the house with them to spend a few hours. It'd been the first time I'd seen them in about 6 weeks.

(05-11-2020, 05:17 PM)Breakfast Wrote: Awe that sounds so sweet on how you found something to do even going through all this.

I am currenly living in my apartment which is onsite to where i work (i live on a large uk resort) which is quite boring as most of my collegues have moved back home, my roommate has gone home too and they havent fixed the wifi or tv satelites yet. Im ok for money right now but i may struggle in june/july because they will reduce the furlough pay from 80% to 60%, which im already receiving the minimal pay for my age group.

Lets hope our prime minister will let us go back to work again, even if its social distancing and cleaning the resort ready for guests.

What sort of resort is it?

Here, activities where "social distancing" is fairly easy, for example, playing golf, they are already starting to re-open things.

If your resort included something like automated chairs taking you to the top of a mountain, you might have to ride one to a chair vehicle instead of 2 or 4, depending on the configuration, and I'm not sure how much harder that would make it for the resort to turn a profit, but it's not impossible.

I think the probability of this happening is high, because already the daily growth rate in new cases is typically down to 1% or 2% in all the areas that I am monitoring.

However, this does have to be done the right way. particularly for people in the USA which has over 1 million cases, and still only 16% of those cases are labeled as "resolved".

Here in Canada, it should be easy in most places. We have under 70000 cases altogether spread out over one of the largest countries on the planet, and about 80% of our cases considered "resolved" already.

I'm not sure why the USA resolved cases is lagging so much, unless they are sending most people with mild cases home to self-quarantine, but not marking them as "resolved" regardless of what happens, unless they perhaps go get retested 2-3 weeks later for the active virus with a "Negative" result?
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