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Hi all, I guess a lot of you already know me but I never introduced myself and after all the hours spent on agma (and agf before) eating all of you repeatedly I think it is time to give back to the community. Also it's very boring in the office rn so typing all this make me look productive Big Grin .  

My name is FullMetalCircle, I'm french Canadian.... so if no good english me sorry Big Grin. I think I'm your typical Canadian guy as I play hockey, drink beer, wear checked shirt, say sorry too often and cut wood from time to time XD. FullMetalCircle is the first name I choose when I first played agario back in 2015 and it's a reference to the movie Full metal jacket -not the cartoon thing- . 

I played agario for a long time since the very beginning when I saw a thread about it on /v/ (you had to put the server ip to get in). It was a wonderful game where simple controls and mechanics could lead to deep strategic battle with a very high skills ceiling...but  as the time goes and people were getting better, others were falling behind in skills and a new mechanic emerged, almost organically... Teaming... With that the little guys who could never grow big was able to match the better players and secure a top 10 easily... it was infuriating. All around agario a battle begin : soloists against teamers, W=TEAM, FEED2TEAM, TEAMS=NOOBS, SOLO ONLY... it was awful. The once strategic battles was replaced little by little by being killed out of nowhere by a feeder, splitrunning teammates who would go from one side to the other in 4 sec, crossteaming in team mode... the teamers were winning... Zeach was still the owner and added anti-teaming mechanic but it was too late. By this time the number of players had dropped, new players could not learn without being killed by griefers a.k.a. teamers and alot of solo players had quit out of anger or joined the dark side to continue to be in top 10... . Some of us never surrender tho and developed new tricks to kill them ,walking thru virus, bait and wait, rolling on your cell, popsplit... you name it. At the end I was pretty good at killing teams and still enjoyed climbing the leaderboard but by this time Zeach had sold the game to miniclip and the new owner just wanted to cash-in, they made an update one day capping the frame at 30 fps and the game stopped to be fluid, so I quit but still wanted to eat people (it's illegal irl so better do it on a computer Dodgy ). I went to google and typed agario forums to see if people were mad too about the fps drop and to see if there was any good copy of the game. First link bring me here and when I tried agf I was amazed, not only teaming was frowned upon (not much today...) but there was a solid numbers of skilled soloist who would battle and tease each other every night, it was like coming home, a home i never knew existed. I'm still not sure about the p2w aspect of agma (cosmetics purchase only have been shown to be the best way to get money without affecting players in many games... 2-3$ for a custom skin or skins-crate where you have like .5% chance to get a super dank flashing skin would have gave you more money Sora! ) but climbing the ladder is easy enough to not punch my screen when I get E and S and E and S and E and killed by a yellow named cell wearing a santa hat shooting W like he got an AK..

So yeah I pretty much wrote all my journey as a cells eater... As I said it is really boring at work today.
Have a great day and remember: When you team a children somewhere get sick, make a better world, don't team.
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