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Looking for a guy to sponsor my site
(06-08-2018, 04:50 AM)rouf7 Wrote: thank you very much Squirrel! Yeah the truth is that i wasn't expecting finding players will be that hard. About it's true i got a few ideas from their game still i havent finish my game so the end result will look much different. Obviously i don't want to copy any of their staff or steal their players, my game is more about getting players to play in my server and make them happy rather than get money.

Well, I just think about how I found out about It's not like they spent money to advertise it.

One day I was watching my son who was watching some YouTuber go on about the games he plays, and he did a segment about 'Q&A' with his subscribers... and he mentioned as something that people should check out. That was two years ago.

I started playing a few days later, and then after 6 months of that, I searched for 'agar forum', where this place was the first choice, and well... you can figure out how I got started playing AGF and agma after that! Smile

Yeah, it's definitely hard.
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