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(04-16-2018, 09:26 AM)Squirrel Wrote:
(04-15-2018, 08:39 PM)Owl Wrote:
(04-15-2018, 08:22 PM)Sora Wrote: Lots of creativity! Thanks for suggesting new ideas.
Some things to consider about each idea:

1. Body Armour
This idea is cool, have been considering something similar before. If I understand correctly, the idea is to make it so that your playercells can't be eaten by anyone else, even if they're larger than you, for 30 secs?
Kind of like a shield?

2. Invisibility
Been considered before, and might be implemented in the future!

3. Bounce away
What did you mean with this idea? "Pressing B allows you to bounce any object off for 20 seconds. "

4. Mystery Box
I think this might be confusing to the people who play mostly for the simplicity of the game. Keep in mind new things aren't easily understandable, even if they're specifically made as simple as possible.

5. Radar Jam
Most people don't really use minimap that much, so I don't think it'll even be noticable for some people that their minimap is gone. They would probably just wonder why it's not working, for a couple seconds.

6. Clone
This idea could be interesting, depending on how it's implemented. Again, I think the important thing is to really have it well planned out, in all aspects. How it's going to work, how it's goign to be perceived by players, how it will outfold, what it will be worth, how it will look like and visually appear. The purpose is that it'll make some addition to the game, or be fun to use, and not confusing or bothersome for other players.
Do you have any ideas how the clone idea would work? When you mention it drosp an exact copy of your cell, where does that copy appear?
Does that mean you basically duplicate all your cells (if you're in total 8 split up cells) would mean you now have 16 cells same size after duplication?)

Having so many different hotkeys for each powerup is very hard for people to remember, unless it's visually appearing somewhere on screen. But even then, the powerups themselves might be confusing for people, as they won't know what effect it does or has, or other people who are seeing the power wouldn't understand what's going on, or think the person is "cheating".

I think the next big thing is actually some more major content to the game, as first priority. Such as new gamemodes. These things go on the general gameplay, which is the main aspect of the game. Creating more opportunities in the game means more freedom and challenge. The powerups and other additions are just decorations that add to the game. I think the combination of new gamemodes with powerups is the essence of creating good fresh environments to play in. So maybe you also have some ideas in terms of new gamemodes?

1. Yes! Exactly like a shield protecting you for the duration of 30 Seconds and Yes other player cells bigger than you cannot eat you.

2. Awesome! Cant wait to see how it turns out.

3. Bounce Away, Is like another way to get around the map quick and to get you out of tight situations, when you Press B you are then accelerated in any direction bouncing off any object you hit.
4. I Absolutely agree! This idea sparked me, i kept noticing little power up id pick up around the map and thought it'd be a fun thing to integrate in the game.

5. I also agree, but for those competitive players that use their map it'd be a cool way to throw them off.

6. The clone one is still an idea in progress i guess you could say lol

Yes! My next idea will involves new concepts to new game modes, this will require a week maybe even 2.

With lots of new ideas floating around in my head at the moment i cant wait to write them down and come up with amazing new things for the community and making Agma more fun to play.

When you said 'radar jammer', I kind of thought that both maps would be affected, not just the minimap.

And when you said 'Bounce Off', I thought that anything that hit you would just bounce off for the duration... If the purpose of that is to make you go faster, I'm not sure how you would explain how/why that works?

So Sora asked some good questions about your ideas. Smile

Its A Work In Progress

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