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    Thread: Something about a link
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The money tied up by buying food on sale and in bulk is making a way better return than if it was in the bank, also you dont have to worry about losing your money because of a bail in tt
Thomasjek TechTalk 14 9,598 12-14-2020, 09:15 PM
    Thread: In what language are extensions codded at?
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As the topic say, what language are they learning exept Sorani and english? Are they learning arabic or other language or maybe even Kurmanji? Anyone who is from there who know more ?
Thomasjek Agario Mods Discussion 9 3,548 12-12-2020, 07:51 PM
    Thread: Abilities and powerups - agma wiki
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It would be cool if there were magic items like wandsorbsfigurines etc. that do things. They would have charges, mages can recharge them and psionics use them with the greatest easebenefit.
Thomasjek related games 3 2,904 12-10-2020, 06:28 AM
    Thread: My's first video!
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Thank you for sharing your video. I enjoyed it very much. What was the single most thing that stands out in your mind about this your first burn?
Thomasjek Stories & Videos 13 4,126 12-07-2020, 06:01 PM
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Actually it is possible to have one of the best players in the confrence on a sub par team. You cant really lable Lafave as a WR because he is a FULL BACK. Also Fazer is a tail back, not a WR. The onl...
Thomasjek 48 28,293 11-30-2020, 07:39 AM
    Thread: level 500max?
Post: level 500max

Hey i was just wondering if someone could tell me how to render the level number i know a bit but i cant find the user level variable so i dont know how to put it... Please if u can tell me how or wi...
Thomasjek Questions & Answers 16 3,574 11-10-2020, 10:51 AM