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Game-related ... injuries?? - Squirrel - 07-08-2018

Just wondering if I'm the only crackpot who has developed game-related injuries?

I have not one, but two.

(I wish  I were kidding, but... lol)

1. Agma Elbow & Hand
After about 20 mins of agma, my mouse-elbow becomes sore, and my mouse hand can actually 'fall asleep' from gripping the mouse too hard. (Okay yeah, feet and even legs falling asleep, I understand... but hands?!??!)

2. Agma Eye
After 30 mins of playing agma, I am not only dodging all manner of foo's tryin' to blow me up, and their virii, but my left eye starts tearing. Not both. Just my left. And it never happens... other than when I play agma.

Maybe I'm just addicted, eh??

RE: Game-related ... injuries?? - Shadow Fox - 07-09-2018

I’ve always had soreness from playing mouse and keyboard games. But, playing the classic game Unreal Tournament is when it got really bad. Now I mainly play casual browser and mobile games.

Over the years I’ve learned to use my opposite hand for mousing. I also try to move keyboard functions like movement to a game controller whenever possible. Console game controllers are generally much more comfortable for me.

I wish I had nerves and tendons made out titanium like so many players seem to have!

[Image: giphy.gif] [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

RE: Game-related ... injuries?? - AustinKel - 08-01-2018

That actually sounds pretty bad. I have a weird one too - my pinky finger on my mouse hand starts hurting a lot after a while sometimes. It's not just Agma related though. I just push through the pain. haha

RE: Game-related ... injuries?? - Owl - 08-01-2018

Sometimes after playing agma for awhile my wrist tends to hurt. Sometimes to the point, where i need to put ice on itSmile

RE: Game-related ... injuries?? - Squirrel - 08-02-2018

(08-01-2018, 03:24 PM)Owl Wrote: Sometimes after playing agma for awhile my wrist tends to hurt. Sometimes to the point, where i need to put ice on itSmile

Well, I should also say what I do about it... I'll stop playing for a bit, and either hang out in Discord, or check here for opportunities to post more messages. (lol)

As soon as I've forgotten that my eye was tearing up.... I'll shake out my elbow, repeat "Agma does NOT require the clicking of the mouse" 10 times, and go back in, and play again!

Sadly, that line never works. Minutes later, I'm remaximizing the size of the window (because I happened to click while over that stupid icon).... or fixing the size of my alternate window... (because I somehow managed to click & drag the bottom right corner).... or move the damn taskbar back to the bottom....

I swear. One of these days, I will go to Kijiji, looking to buy a broken mouse -- that still works, except the buttons are dead.  That would be perrrrfect for me & agma!