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Love - Chrome - 09-11-2016

I love, I usually get pretty long  Smile

RE: Love - Reaction - 09-13-2016

First, when I tryed slitherio, it was so boring I hated it. But now I like it. My best was 18k on PC and 22k on mobile. I usually play agario and my name is R€@¢TI°N #35K. My best score is 35k on mobile for agario, and 22k on computer. Yeah. And wow you made another thread chrome. Good job, we hope to see you.

RE: Love - Konoha - 09-13-2016

I'm not a huge fan of, but in my opinion it is pretty fun!

RE: Love - Apix - 09-13-2016

I can't play Slither for some odd reason on my PC. My highest score is 1,000... Since my PC lags horribly.