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System Active, Lagsız And Seamless Game Play

RE: New Agario Server - Hoan - 12-19-2016

Hey, hey! Pretty neat  Exclamation I will suggest something though (but don't worry it's not a major thing!) when you spawn in your screen that you see your bubble on is REALLY close, perhaps allow the user to scroll out as it would make gameplay a little more enjoyable, but please don't make your zoom and infinite zoom as that is just annoying!  Undecided Other then that, the game is really neat! I like it. Thanks for posting!  Cool

RE: New Agario Server - run SPOT run - 12-19-2016

I agree, good server, just need to be able to scroll out a little further. But nice gameplay, and skin selection!

RE: New Agario Server - [email protected] - 01-16-2017

U guys r lucky to play because i cant play it