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Pointless Clicker - Doigt - 02-10-2016

First, I'll present myself, I'm a friend of Sora and in my spare time I can't spare time. So I do shit. Like this shitty game project. Nice to meet you all Big Grin

(Hi Sora! It's me, you know who, please keep my id a secret. Also keep the link away from those fine gentlemen until it's in beta ok, please? Wink )

Reposted from DNF.
Some of you you are already aware of this, but not everyone Tongue
This is the long blabla part, you can skip it if you're only there to see the game.

So for a few days I've been working on this project of mine which is called "Pointless Clicker". This project is a parody of Cookie Clicker and all other games which play similarly. And seriously, this game is not to be taken seriously, but the project needs to. I update it everyday (except for Sunday and Monday to take a break) and a few people on the internet are testing it when they've got nothing better to do. And they never give feedback the ingrate bastards. ( they actually do give feedback Big Grin ). The game is currently in the Closed-SUPER EARLY-Alpha-Stage-so-you'll-never-get-your-hands-on-it-for-years-lol kind of phase, meaning it's only on the internet for testing purposes and it's super unstable. Though, I've worked on it a lot so it's not as bad as the first version.

Anyways, I've come to report what I did to today's version to make it better than before.
Today I had school (and yes, I went back to school. Just to clear some confusions some of you who know me might have). So obviously, I didn't have much time to dedicate to making the game, but I noted some very cool ideas on my math book during class which I'll implement them after what I've wanted to implement for so long (ssshhh it's a secret, no one is supposed to know what's coming, except 2 or 3 or 5 or maybe 10 persons) and I've met an interesting artist who is interested in my project and would like to contribute to it (yay finally some good news!!!!).

Except that, nothing much, version 7 is essentially a fix of some minor glitches, typos/ text rewritten here and there, some crappy easter egg and I balanced the sacrifices a bit since it was weak as hell. I'm finishing things up and I'll be uploading the update soon and see what the testers think of the balance fixes. Anyways, sorry for the long mess of a text wall, I don't write as nicely as I wanted it to turn out, but whatever. Here's a screenshot:

[Image: 9WDceI7.png]

RE: Pointless Clicker - Voakie - 02-10-2016

Why Il y a a bit französisch there? Wow i mixed 3 languages in one sentence Big Grin

RE: Pointless Clicker - Doigt - 02-10-2016

Most of the game is in english, except for the version part, which is in french because french numbers sound better. But then again, I'm a francophone, so it makes sense Tongue

(Actually, there are random french and latin sentences in the game. Here, I mixed three languages as well.) Smile

RE: Pointless Clicker - Agarlove - 02-10-2016

Halfway through i just felt an intense urge to get the link... when you say you can't have it, man. I want it bad now! Pointless clicker!!

RE: Pointless Clicker - Polar - 02-11-2016

Lol this looks like a fun game or addictive game!

RE: Pointless Clicker - Honest - 02-11-2016

Wow nice dude! Can't wait to see it xD

RE: Pointless Clicker - Doigt - 02-12-2016

Reposted from DNF.

The Dreaded Saving System
So after adding necromancers to the game in version 8, I wanted to implement something almost everyone who test Pointless Clicker since the beginning wants: being able to save your game.

I already had some ideas on how to implement it and I'd often dream plans and write notes on my math book about those plans during class and I thought I had a good idea of how to do it. So today that's what I worked on for around 8 hours and when I had stopped, version 9 was a complete mess; The game would not treat the values stocked in the save file as numerical values and it would keep breaking.

I felt so disappointed today, especially since I worked so hard on it and I had almost eaten nothing, so absorbed I was in my yet simple task. Thus I am sorry to announce that the game won't have a saving feature yet and this for a long time as I'm not very tempted to try again soon.

RE: Pointless Clicker - Doigt - 02-16-2016

Coming soon.*
[Image: lJMMZQJ.png]
Click the image to see it full size.

RE: Pointless Clicker - Doigt - 02-21-2016

Some progress report for the alchemy lab:
[Image: b6o7x4.jpg]
Also, new bread and cake icons:
[Image: 10i5tna.jpg]

RE: Pointless Clicker - Voakie - 02-21-2016

"0 Grandpas sacrificed"
U dont want to get in trouble, do you :creepy_face: